The Union – The Business Behind Getting High

One of the best documentaries on marijuana period. Explores the history, legality, culture, the in’s and outs of the “union,” and much more.

The True History of Marijuana Full Movie

Very educational. Contains much of the same information you can find in Jack Herer’s Book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”

Why Marijuana is Illegal – Joe Rogan

Quick 4 1/2 minute vid narrated by Joe Rogan. 4 minute digest on why pot is illegal.

Captivating speech by Marc Emery, a Canadian Cannabis seed seller and Marijuana activist who is now serving a 5 year sentence in a US Federal Prison for simply selling seeds.

WEED: A Dr. Sanjay Gupta Special

CNN Sr. Medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta explores medicinal marijuana. There are better documentaries to be perfectly honest but this is highly informative.

CNN Insider Man documentary. Morgan Spurlock works at Harborside Collective in Oakland to give an expose on California’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

The Future of Weed: HIGH COUNTRY

Superior Ct Judge James Gray gives a strong argument for the legalization of marijuana.