This documentary covers the infamous Dr. Burzyinsky, inventor of the Anti-Neoplastons cure for cancer, and his battles with the FDA, the AMA, big pharmaceuticals, and various institutions within our own Federal Government. These battles span several decades and Dr. Burzyinski’s cancer treatment has been around since 1976. Yes that means we have had another cure for cancer for quite some time, and yes, this means we do indeed have a government, and a set of powerful aristocrats, bureaucrats and politicians that are more concerned with letting people die of cancer due to the enormous profits that can be made from the cancer treatment industry than with being truthful about the alternative medical treatments out there. Rather than funding and spending productive efforts and time into furthering actual cancer cures, our taxes and elected officials go towards impeding research, and are even directed at attempts to incarcerate individuals who are saving lives with effective cures.

Does this sound a bit too conspiracy theory to you? Are you saying to yourself, “oh come on, our government isn’t like that!” I would invite you to please watch even just the first few minutes of the documentary.

Note that this film is NOT about cannabis. Rather, it does illustrate the lengths to which our own government and big pharmaceuticals are willing to go in order to prevent people from actually curing themselves.

This is a must watch documentary. Please share it, along with the other information contained on this site, as well as many others that are trying to get the truth out there about real cancer cures.

We’re now a more capable society with access to information that isn’t fed to us by mainstream media. We’re intelligent enough to be critical thinkers, we deserve better collectively.

– D