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Disclaimer: It is important to note that consulting with your doctor/physician should take precedence and come first when deciding upon treating any ailment or disease. Additionally, research into cannabis, while the field is indeed growing, is still limited and the need for clinical trials and experiments is a topic that society needs to collectively address. Proper and effective dosing, for example, is a facet of medical marijuana that has been difficult to establish due to restrictions our governments have in place.The potential for cannabis’ ability to save lives is one that cannot be overlooked, but unfortunately still needs to be intensively studied.  

The following is a collection of news articles, research literature, peer reviewed medical studies, resources, documentaries, interviews, and lecture clippings discussing cannabis as a medicine for treating Alzheimer’s Disease.

Scientists Discover How Cannabis Slows Alzheimer’s Disease – Article published July 9th, 2013 on

How Cannabinoids May Slow Brain Aging – Article published October 29th, 2013 on Time.

A Molecular Link Between the Active Component of Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology – Peer reviewed medical study published 2006 at the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

Role of the cannabinoid system in the transit of beta-amyloid across the blood-brain barrier – Peer reviewed medical study published September, 2013 at

Marijuana Compound Found Superior To Drugs For Alzheimer’s – Article published at

Can Marijuana prevent Alzheimer’s? – Article published on

Scholarly Articles and Medical Studies:

Marijuana and Alzheimer’s (4 min)
4 minute interview with Clint Werner, author of Marijuana: Gateway to Health, on the effects of cannabis on Alzheimer’s and Cancer.

Posted on youtube by Colorado Marijuana Initiative 2012

THC Heals and Protects Nerves in ALS – Robert Melamede, PhD (10 min)
A short interview with Robert Melamede, PhD, of University of Colorodo that discusses how the Endocannabinoid System and consumption of cannabis can treat Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative ailments and diseases. Also contained is the story of Cathy Jordan, a medical marijuana patient who is successfully treating her ALS (Lou Gehrig Disease) with cannabis.

Posted on youtube by  CannabisClips

CNN special: marijuana shows potential to prevent Alzheimer’s (2 min)
2008 News clipping from CNN. The title is self explanatory.

Posted on youtube by  ZorcovsParadise12

Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Disease – Short Documentary (4 min)
Concise, 4 minute documentary discussing cannabis for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Posted on youtube by Michael James Kugel.

Marijuana cannabinoids slow brain degradation and aging, reverse dementia, here is how (4 min)
Video is narrated by a computerized autoreader. Nevertheless, a good amount of information is discussed in just under 4 minutes.

Found on the youtube channel TlaltenangoOrg

Can Cannabis Prevent Alzheimer’s (20 min)
Presentation by Dr. Gary Wenk, PhD at the Patients Out of Time Conference 2012 in Tucson, AZ. He breaks down and discusses Alzheimer’s disease in detail and how cannabis can help treat the symptoms of the ailment.

Posted on youtube by Patients Out of Time.

Medical Marijuana To Treat Alzheimer’s – Constitutional Health Daily (4 min)
Concise explanation on how THC and other cannabinoids can disrupt the production of beta-amyloid plaques related to the progression of Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory effects of numerous cannabinoids (which also treat inflammation in the brain) are discussed as being highly beneficial to treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Posted on youtube by Constitutional Health Daily.

Marijuana vs Brain Inflammation with Dr. Gary Wenk – Episode 168 (41 min)
Podcast from Smart Drug Smarts interviewing Dr. Gary Wenk regarding cannabis ‘ anti-inflammatory effects on the brain, and how this can benefit Alzheimer’s patients.

Posted on youtube by Smart Drug Smarts.

Cannabis Reverses Late-stage Alzheimer’s (4 min, 20 sec)
Medical cannabis study on Cannabis for treating Alzheimer’s is read out loud. Discussed are case studies, cannabis research in Spain, and evidence for reversing late stage Alzheimer’s.

Posted on youtube by Natural Remedies.

Part 1&2 Alzheimer’s on THC Pill Medical Marijuana Helps Dementia (25 min)
Short 25 minute case study on an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s taking a THC pill. Her son documents the effects of the medicine on her dementia.

Posted on youtube by Alzheimer’s and THC Marijuana.

Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of a cognitive degenerative disease, affects more than 26 million people throughout the world and is prevalent in individuals over the age of 65. It may be hard to understand how serious of an ailment this is, especially if you have not witnessed it in your loved ones. The video below will give you humbling insight and a different perspective…

Experience 12 Minutes in Alzheimer’s Dementia
Found on the youtube channel AlzheimersWeekly

Like, share, comment, but once again, and as always, please take the time to do your own research – google is a wonderful tool. Most importantly, please help spread the truth about marijuana. Simply start a conversation with your friends and loved ones on the actual medicinal benefits of cannabis and see where it goes from there. Cannabis is an amazing herbal plant that can be effective at treating a multitude of symptoms across a vast number of ailments, and ALL human beings throughout the world have a right to this medicine. We do ourselves a grave disservice by not exploring this plant and it is inhumane to prohibit individuals that need this medicine from safe access to it.