Disclaimer: It is important to note that consulting with your doctor/physician should take precedence and come first when deciding upon treating any ailment or disease. Additionally, research into cannabis, while the field is indeed growing, is still limited and the need for clinical trials and experiments is a topic that society needs to collectively address. Proper and effective dosing, for example, is a facet of medical marijuana that has been difficult to establish due to restrictions our governments have in place.The potential for cannabis’ ability to save lives is one that cannot be overlooked, but unfortunately still needs to be intensively studied. 

The following is a collection of news articles, research literature, peer reviewed medical studies, resources, documentaries, interviews, and lecture clippings discussing cannabis as a medicine for treating Epilepsy and Seizures.

Seizure Disorders Enter Medical Marijuana Debate – Aug 2013 article on medscape.com

Medical marijuana helps stem 6-year-old’s seizures – Dec 2012 article on cnn.com

On Medical Marijuana And Epilepsy – page on epilepsy.com

Does Marijuana Help Epilepsy? – May 2011 on theweedblog.com

Parents of children with epilepsy lobby lawmakers over medical marijuana – Jan 2014 article on miamiherald.com

Mom Recounts Using Medical Marijuana To Treat Her Son’s Epilepsy (Video) – Dec 2013 article on huffingtonpost.com

Scholarly Articles and Medical Studies:

CNN Weed – Sanjay Gupta Reports (43 min)
The full CNN special. Dr Sanjay Gupta interviews multiple medical cannabis patients including an infant girl who after taking CBD oil went from having 300 seizures a month, to nearly once a month,

Posted on youtube by Decriminalise It – Jersey

Weed 2: Cannabis Madness. Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports (43 min)
The second part of the “Weed” trilogy by Dr Sanjay Gupta. They cover more medical marijuana patients who utilize cannabis in order to treat a variety of ailments.

Posted on YouTube by Strain Spot.

Cannabidiol CBD Extract Stops Epileptic Seizures caused by Dravet Syndrome (15 min)
Special from Discovery Channel’s “Weed Wars.” The story centers around Jayden, a little boy who uses a CBD tincture to treat his seizures brought on by Dravet Syndrome.

Posted on youtube by Green Budda

The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy: Josh Stanley at TEDxBoulder (19 min)
TED talk at Boulder, CO. Josh Stanley, the eldest brother of the family responsible for growing the Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain discusses a number of topics regarding medical marijuana.

Posted on youtube by TEDxTalks

Cannabinoid Research – Cannabis and Epileptic Seizures (4 min)
An exhaustive list of past and ongoing medical studies regarding the use of cannabis for treating epilepsy and seizures.

Posted on youtube by Free Green Concepts

University of Reading – Cannabis discovery could lead to new epilepsy treatments (2 min)
Interview with Dr Ben Whalley of the University of Reading. Here he discusses the possibility that CBDv (Cannabidivarin) may be an excellent cannabinoid for treating seizures, possibly better than any of the other cannbinoids including CBD (cannabidiol).

Posted on youtube by UniofReading

The Science of Cannabis As a Treatment For Epilepsy (32 min)
Compilation of various news clips, slides, and interviews with medical patients.

Posted on youtube by Endpotprohibition

Epilepsy and Cannabis (8 min)
Watch firsthand – an elderly gentleman going through a seizure and coming out of it by smoking a joint.

Posted on youtube by Guppy Fish

Brain Tumor, Seizures, and Cannabis: Kelly of Arkansas 2006 (7 min)
Mother describes her situation with her son who suffered a Grand Mal seizure due to a frontal lobe brain tumor. Here she discusses how her son receives treatment with medical marijuana.

Posted on youtube by CannabisPatientNet

Seizure Disorder and Cannabis: Steve Green of Michigan 2013 (21 min)
Medical Marijuana patient Steve Green discusses his experience with treating his seizure disorder with medical cannabis.

Posted on youtube by CannabisPatientNet

Do note that there are many more patient testimonials out there. If you’d like to see more, simply do a youtube search for “Cannabis and Epilepsy.” Remember, it’s always best to do your own research – I’ve simply made the process a little easier with this site by compiling a well rounded collection of cannabis digest so to say.

I’d like to point out that the TED talk above by Josh Stanley delivers an excellent message by discussing how our Federal legal system is actually preventing children from receiving life-saving treatmentsyes children actually do die as a result of marijuana prohibition. Please consider that for a second and realize how ridiculous this vilification and demonization of marijuana as a drug is.

It’s been said a million times over and yet people still stumble when asked the question, “how many people have actually died from the use of cannabis?” Once again, the answer – ZERO.

Please like, comment, but most importantly share, and if possible, help the legalization cause in whatever state or country you are in. If it isn’t clear to you that cannabis can actually significantly help with a plethora of problems throughout the world, then please, allow yourself to give facts and actual research a chance. Do your own searches, take advantage of google, youtube, local resources, out of state, or even out of country resources in whatever way you can to educate yourself on what cannabis can actually do – it’s far more than just a medicine.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read these entries!

– D

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