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Disclaimer: It is important to note that consulting with your doctor/physician should take precedence and come first when deciding upon treating any ailment or disease. Additionally, research into cannabis, while the field is indeed growing, is still limited and the need for clinical trials and experiments is a topic that society needs to collectively address. Proper and effective dosing, for example, is a facet of medical marijuana that has been difficult to establish due to restrictions our governments have in place.The potential for cannabis’ ability to save lives is one that cannot be overlooked, but unfortunately still needs to be intensively studied. 

The following is a collection of news articles, research literature, peer reviewed medical studies, resources, documentaries, interviews, and lecture clippings discussing cannabis as a medicine for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

General use of cannabis for PTSD Symptoms | VMCA – Page on the Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access website.

THC And Fear: How Marijuana May Help PTSD Patients Reduce Anxiety – Dec 2013 article on Medical Daily.

More And More US Veterans Are Smoking Weed to Treat Their PTSD – Nov 2013 article on vice.com

Pot and PTSD – Jun 2010 article from High Times.

Iraq War vet denied medical marijuana for PTSD first to buy legal pot in Colorado – Jan 2014 article on TheRawStory.com

Scholarly Articles and Medical Studies:

Dr. Phillip Leveque: Cannabis Therapy Helps Veterans with PTSD (3 1/2 min)
World War II Doctor of Pharmacology, Dr. Leveque, discusses cannabis therapy as an option for veterans fighting PTSD.

Posted on youtube by RestoreHemp

Three Veterans with PTS: Cannabis Therapy 2013 (16 min)
A very powerful set of interviews with US veterans from various states. Here they discuss their use of cannabis, politics, their firsthand accounts of war, how disabling PTSD can be, and more.

Posted on youtube by CannabisPatientNet

Dr. Sue Sisley Talks About Medical Marijuana, PTSD and Scientific Freedom (4 1/2 min)
Dr. Sue Sisley from the University of Arizona discusses the effectiveness of cannabis in treating PTSD. She also discusses the hurdles that obstruct marijuana research in the US.

Posted on youtube by Sam Sabzehzar

Veterans Fighting To Smoke Weed For PTSD (HBO) (8 min)
Vice news clip on veterans utilizing cannabis to treat symptoms of PTSD

Posted on youtube by Vice News

The case for medical marijuana research on PTSD (7 1/2 min)
Clip from “Botany of Desire” describes how and why medical marijuana can help people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Interviews with Dr. Rapahael Mechoulam of Hebriew University in Israel.

Posted on youtube by CO4MMJRegulation

Cannabis Memory PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) (6 min)
Short interview with Dr. Robert Melamede on using Cannabis for PTSD.

Posted on youtube by drbob Melamede

Medical Marijuana & PTSD (9 1/2 min)
Dr. Raushanah Najeeullah discusses current medical marijuana research that strongly supports cannabis as an effective treatment for PTSD.

Posted on youtube by  unitedclinics

PTSD, Psychiatric Patients need Cannabis, Ed Glick, RN (10 min)
Registered Nurse Ed Glick of Oregon gives a discussion at the Fourth Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics. Here he discusses mental conditions alongside PTSD as conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment.

Posted on youtube by cannabistherapeutics

PTSD Medical Marijuana Patient Interview (3 min)
Short interview with a medical marijuana patient and war veteran.

Posted on youtube by KitsapMMJ


Some facts about PTSD: Every day 22+ US Veterans commit suicide due to PTSD.  PTSD affects more than just war veterans – victims of rape, childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, survivors of severe accidents, survivors of natural disasters, and those who witness traumatic incidents, and more, can all experience post traumatic stress in their lifetimes. PTSD can be severely debilitating – it can keep one from driving, possibly causing an accident if the driver undergoes an “episode” mid-traffic, it can lead to mental lapses in time, it becomes difficult for those suffering from PTSD to simply cope with every day life.

The current pharmaceutical solutions to PTSD, (valium, vicadin, antidepressants, various toxic pills), all cause some side-effect or another and could possibly cause a fatal overdose. Remember, every 19 minutes someone dies from a prescription overdose. Furthermore, none of these medications are as effective as marijuana which has also caused zero fatalities.

Once again it is important to understand that cannabis, with it’s amazing medical potential, is to this day not only vastly misunderstood, but even vilified, demonized, and quite literally a war is waged on it and the people that need access to it. Realize that the widespread ignorance surrounding this amazing plant is an egregious mistake that harms society and humanity.

As always, please like, comment, and most importantly share this kind of information on cannabis with people that you know. Discuss hemp, how cannabis cures cancer, how cannabis prohibition is not only futile but insane, talk about individuals that you know that could benefit from medical marijuana, and so on. We live in the digital age where facts and information are in the palm of our hands – if you have a smart phone, simply fire up your web browser and google things like, “Cannabis kills cancer,” “Facts about marijuana,” “How many people have died to marijuana use,” “What can marijuana be used to treat,” “How useful is hemp.” You will be amazed at what you’ll learn if you don’t already know how awesome cannabis is.

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