As more and more states and countries push for the legalization of marijuana for either medical and or recreational use, it is important to reiterate and remember the primary arguments that were effective in bringing about the change in public opinion that we are seeing today.

I’ve compiled here and listed some of the best articles arguing for safe legal access to cannabis.

10 Legit Reasons Why Weed Should Be Legalized Right Now – article on Herb.co

This is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere – article on The Huffington Post

Five Reasons Cops Want to Legalize Marijuana – article on Rolling Stone

8 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized – article on About.com

The Best Reasons to Legalize Marijuana – article on Esquire

I’ve also compiled below a small number of videos and recordings discussing some of the best arguments supporting the legalization of marijuana.

Best Marijuana Argument Ever Given By Superior Court Judge James Gray (6 min)
Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray testifies in favor of a marijuana legalization bill.

Posted on youtube by cambell1308

“Why is Marijuana Worse than Cocaine?” Trey Gowdy Grills Clueless National Drug Policy Director (6 1/2 min)
Trey Gowdy interviews a clueless drug policy director on the dangers of marijuana. He and another panelist expose the hypocrisy behind the War on Drugs.

Posted on youtube by Amicus Humani Generis

The Sinister Reason Weed is Illegal (6 min)
Short skit from College Humor’s Adam Ruins Everything. Although this is comedy, he accurately covers and explains the sordid history of marijuana prohibition.

Posted on youtube by CollegeHumor


Ron Paul Owns Stephen Baldwin in Marijuana Debate (9 min)
CNN Debate. Ron Paul makes amazing arguments in favor of ending prohibition.

Posted on youtube by Jeezy42O

Why Marijuana Should be Legalized – This News Debate Sums It All Up (10 min)
News clip from CNBC. A great debate discussing legalization. Even though it’s from 2011, the arguments are solid ammunition for those states and countries still fighting to end prohibition.

Posted on youtube by theREALdrugfacts

Why Legalizing Weed Just Makes Sense (3 min)
Concise monetary based argument in favor of recreational marijuana legalization.

Posted on youtube by HuffPost Live

Retired Police Captain Demolishes the War on Drugs (16 min)
A former narcotics agent and police captain gives an informative speech on legalizing marijuana. He discusses the history with alcohol prohibition, crime and violence which is not related to cannabis, and more of his story as a law enforcement official.

Posted on youtube by Law Enforcement Action Partnership

John Stossel Explains the Stupidity of Marijuana Prohibition (6 min)
Fox News investigative reporter John Stossel interviews police officers in legal states and discusses the futility of marijuana prohibition.

Posted on youtube by Legalize CannabisHemp

Simple Weed Question Destroys Drug Czar’s Chief Deputy (8 1/2 min)
News clip from The Young Turks. They cover Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s questioning of Michael Botticelli, Deputy director of the Drug policy department. Here a DEA agent chokes up when asked what drugs were worse than marijuana.

Posted on youtube by The Young Turks.

The Biggest Reason to Legalize Weed (5 1/2 min)
An amusing panel discussion from the Rubin Report on legalizing marijuana.

Posted on youtube by Rubin Report

Marijuana vs Alcohol: Fox News Can’t Tell Which is More Dangerous (6 1/2 min)
Clip from the Daily Show. John Stewart “discusses” Colorado’s legalization.

Posted on youtube by LiberalViewer

Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (17 min)
Clip from John Oliver’s HBO show, Last Week Tonight, where he covers up to date marijuana laws and the hypocrisy of prohibition.

Posted on youtube by LastWeekTonight


It really is only a matter of time before full legalization throughout the entire country becomes a reality. A recent Gallup Poll showed a significant majority – 58% of Americans in favor of ending prohibition. However, there are still those staunch supporters of the War on Drugs and still less than half of the United States allows for even medical access. The arguments presented here are intended to be a resource for those still fighting for legalization in states and countries where marijuana is still criminalized and trafficked illegally.

In an ideal world marijuana’s safety, it’s efficacy as a beneficial product, and most importantly it’s legality wouldn’t even be in question. Unfortunately, however, misinformation and old-fashioned brain washing surrounding the plant is still widespread. What can easily change this is a simple matter of voting. Again, recent polling has shown that a majority of American citizens are for legalization – voter turnout is what’s going to be key in getting this done sooner than later. Hopefully sooner as there are sick patients who seriously need access to this plant, and let’s face it, our country needs the money. I believe the same holds true for the rest of the world.

As always, thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read through these articles and entries. Like it, leave a comment, but most importantly share the information that you find here and through your own research on cannabis with the people that you know. There are countless benefits and boons that would come with full legalization; the sooner it happens, the sooner society can reap them.

– D


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