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Teri Robnett Rx MaryJane Teri Robnett (Rx MaryJane)

Cannabis Patients Alliance founder Teri Robnett, also known as medical marijuana advocate Rx MaryJane, is featured in a recent piece in Al Jazeera in America. The article in five chapters, written by Greg Campbell, author ofPot, Inc., explores the status and effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado.

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One of the reasons January’s grand openings were so successful is that Colorado had already gone through its birthing pains, around the time Robnett began advocating for legalization in 2009 after taking a job at a medical marijuana dispensary. That’s when the state’s medical marijuana law, on the books but largely unused since 2000, exploded into prominence seemingly overnight. With barely any rules or regulations governing the sale of medical marijuana or the sudden proliferation of dispensaries, it seemed every half-baked pot grower in the state rushed to invest in lurid neon…

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