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mag0303 talkA3.r Along with being an author and expert on open adoption, my dear friend Lori Lavendar Luz (Lori Holden) is a phenomenal mother and blogger! She writes about the daily joys and pains of parenting with love, common sense and and a big dose of humor.

When she decided to address the issue of how to talk to your kids about marijuana in a recent post, she did it with her typical flavor and flair. Her honest approach to a challenging topic is insightful and refreshing.

For parents struggling with how to start the conversation, Lori suggests taking advantage of “dropped pebbles,” those valuable “teaching moments” as conversation starters.

With a story about marijuana on the news just about every day, there are lots of opportunities to seize on one and see if your tween joins you. A dropped pebble might sound like, People are putting marijuana in food? Look what they’re…

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