2014 Q1 LED Hydroponics grow (Coco-coir). 11x Voodoo Kush (S/I)


Photo journal:

Week 1 Bloom

Week 2 Bloom

Week 3 Bloom

Week 4 Bloom

Cooperative collective medical marijuana grow. Old project and unfortunately I lost a bunch of the pics 😦 Still keeping this here for posterity sake. 

Please note that the growers of these plants are legal medical cannabis patients in the state of California. The growers are also well within state regulations in regards to how many cannabis plants an individual may possess. The growers do not condone any illegal activity and any content contained within this blog are purely for educational, aesthetic, and artistic purposes.

Grow Light: LED Pro Grow 400x by Hydroponics Hut.
Material: 11x 1.75 gal pots of Coco-coir.
Nutrients: Sensi Bloom A & B by Advanced Nutrients. B-52, Big Bud, Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients. Cal-Mag Plus by Botanicare.

Clones from Burning Bush Nurseries.

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