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BALDWIN CITY, Kan. — A Kansas family is moving west to Colorado for medical marijuana and they hope it will help their son’s medical condition. They’ve been fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana in Kansas for the past two years ever since their son was born. Lawmakers aren’t budging, so they’re taking drastic measures in hopes of giving their son a normal life.

“Love. I mean, he’s my kid. There’s hope I guess, joy most of the time,” dad Ryan Reed said.

Reed feels a pleasant sense of joy when he looks at his two-year-old son, Otis. But there’s another emotion that comes directly after.


When Otis was 9 weeks old he started having seizures.

“That first trip to the hospital was pretty scary, but in the back of mind I thought, ‘We are in the right place, they’ll help him. They’ll fix him,’” Reed…

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