Functional Anatomy Seminars - Functional Anatomic Palpation Systems™ | Functional Range Release™

by Dr. Andreo A. Spina

Have you ever heard of the digestive system? The lymphatic system? How about the muscular and nervous systems? Of course you have. Science has been studying them for years, making breakthroughs in our understanding of their inner workings that have lead to advancements benefited humanity in ways we now take for granted.

How about the endocannabinoid system? Have you heard of that?  If your profession has nothing to do with the biological sciences, I would expect the answer to be no (save a few individuals).  Don’t feel bad however, I have asked this question to many health and medical professionals that I have taught over the years and have received many a blank stare or look of confusion.

ths-ecs-for-ths2-1024x753What if I were to tell you that this biological system permeates the entire human body with receptors located in skeletal muscle, the digestive tract, adipose (fat)…

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