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I am going to start this blog off with one of the most important parts of decriminalizing cannabis…  The medical needs…  Below are four families among several that were at the march that could truly benefit from taking the non-hallucinogenic strand of cannabis daily. What would you do if your child had an illness that cannabis could cure or just ease their suffering until they die?  What about cancer patients? Did you know that cannabis oil has been found to cure many diseases and ailments? We must change peoples negative connotation with cannabis before we can go forward. This negative connotation is holding us back as a nation. More importantly… it is allowing children and adults to suffer when there is a cure/aid for them.

IMG_1991 w Currently going through chemo.

IMG_1888 w 2/3 of this family’s children have a rare genetic disorder that cannabis could help them to be able to eat. This diaper is custom…

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