Contrary to the popular myth that “marijuana increases crime and leads to violent behavior,” numerous scientific studies, surveys, and even research compiled by government sponsored agencies over the past several decades strongly suggests that cannabis helps to lower crime in communities that have not only decriminalized cannabis use, but also allowed for safe, regulated access.

The following is a compilation of just a few of those studies; feel free to do your own research, using google to look up “cannabis lowers crime,” or “cannabis and violent crime,”
is a great start.

Scientific Articles and Studies

News Articles, Clippings, Law Enforcement Studies, and Social Surveys

Medical Marijuana Distribution & Crime | Marijuana
Learn if medical marijuana distribution leads to an increase in crime.

How New Cannabis Prohibition Laws Created Crime in Holland
The new prohibition laws in Holland are predictably causing crime – the black market has exploded and unscrupulous dealers have taken to the streets to sell marijuana and harder drugs.

Experts Say Legalizing Pot Would Cut Gang Violence
From Cannabis Culture TV. It is argued that gang violence would be reduced with cannabis legalization.

Portugal Legalizes Drugs – Crime, Usage Drops
A look at how Portugal’s decriminalization policies have lowered illicit drug use.

Obama Drug Policy Rep SERIOUSLY SCHOOLED During Congressional Hearing on Legalization of Marijuana
A blaring look into how even the DEA cannot sufficiently argue in favor of prohibition. Long and eyeopening.

How to lower crime by David Paul
Educated answer by mayoral candidate on cannabis and prohibition.

Mark Kleiman on Regulating Weed: Vice Podcast 022
Professor of public policy at UCLA gives a talk on the regulation of cannabis and other controlled substances.

Bill O’Reilly’s Ass Kicked in Pot Debate
Bill O’Reilly debates Mary Katherine Ham and loses badly, concedes, “If adults want to use it, I have no problem with it.”

The above should serve as sufficient science based evidence to debunk the following misconceptions concerning cannabis: that marijuana causes violent behavior, that marijuana legalization will lead to increased crime and corruption, and that marijuana legalization will lead to the disastrous decay of societies that allow for cannabis usage.

It would appear that ignorance and an acute lack of education in the field of cannabis is what proponents of prohibition are being led by in their egregious arguments. Furthermore, the continued denial of cannabis’ medical efficacy still afflicts society and it is unfortunate that millions of individuals throughout the world suffer as a result of bad, poorly educated social policies.

However, it is hoped that with the continued efforts going into spreading smart legalization of cannabis, the continued scientific and medical studies going into the therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenoids contained in the cannabis plant, and with the changes in perception surrounding cannabis, that we can reap the many benefits it can provide – not just as a medicine but with it’s industrial uses as hemp as well.

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