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Wyoming Highway Patrol records from all marijuana-related incidents on I-25 since 2008, show that Colorado drivers were cited for pot more than any other out-of-state drivers.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Marijuana Incidents, Top 3 States:

Wyoming Drivers= 130 marijuana related incidents
Colorado Drivers= 92 marijuana related incidents
Montana Drivers = 25 marijuana related incidents
*From 2008 – Feb 2014 there were a total of 294 Marijuana related incidents in Wyoming on I-25. Data from Wyoming Highway Patrol records.

7NEWS also obtained five years’ worth of records from marijuana-related incidents on I-70 in Kansas from 2008 to June 2013. Although neither the Kansas Highway Patrol or statewide databases keep records designating where drivers are from, analysis of data from marijuana seizures indicates the largest number happened in Colby, Kansas. Colby is located just 50 miles from the border of Kansas and Colorado.

Three years of records from Nebraska State…

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