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Thanksgiving Day Turkey Fryer Fire

I may be crazy, but every time I hear about another hash oil explosion, I’m reminded of turkey fryers. People laugh and think I’m being silly, but I’m serious.

I remember when turkey fryers first came out. People were setting their decks, garages and houses on fire across the country. Adults and children were ending up in hospitals with severe burns, while we worried about children and neighbors or laughed about how stupid people were.

But guess what? You can still go out and buy a turkey fryer today.

Yes, every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we still read about how someone somewhere burned their house down attempting to fry their turkey. But those stories are fewer and farther between now. Why? Better technology and public education.

Just google “turkey fryer safety” and you’ll get pages and pages of information on safe use from fire departments, insurance carriers, and safety organizations.

Turkey fryers have gotten much…

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