Marisa R. Brandt

Important news in PTSD research: University of Arizona assistant prof of clinical psychiatry Dr. Suzanne Sisley was fired without reason, shortly after winning a rare FDA approval to study the clinical effects of marijuana use among war veterans.

An article on the story in the LA Times suggests that the termination may be the outcome of political retaliation for Sisley’s association with pro-marijuana activists who had–independent of her own involvement—lobbied against senator on behalf of her research:

Sisley’s study was designed to involve veterans who would use marijuana in an observation facility on campus. She had lobbied state lawmakers for approval to use state funds collected at medical marijuana dispensaries to help pay for the work. When a powerful Republican senator maneuvered to block that money, some of Sisley’s allies launched an unsuccessful recall effort.

Sisley said she did not get involved, but that university officials were irate when some…

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