Cannabis Patients Alliance

Back in February 2012, the Colorado General Assembly was considering a bill that would penalize anyone driving with more than 5 nano grams of THC in whole blood. This would have had a devastating effect on medical marijuana patients across the state.

I was recruited by other marijuana advocates to testify against this legislation. This was my very first testimony in a hearing, but I have never wavered from my opposition to a THC blood limit for driving because it is particularly unfair to patients.

DUID Testimony February 27, 2012
Colorado Senate Committee on State, Veterans & Military Affairs

Chairman Heath and members of the committee,

After a car accident in 1987, severe pain has been with me every day. That’s 25 years and, at age 53, nearly half my life.

Chronic pain comes with its own limits. It controls what you do every day, what activities you participate in, what sort…

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