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Cannabis and Psychedelics Journal

IMG_1389*Revamped and updated 11/16/2017. Some edits and updated videos but I left the text in-tact. It’s been a long time since I wrote this. I will admit that I have a much more mature and up to date understanding of cannabis as it relates to cancer – being in the industry as a medical researcher and cultivator for the past 4 years, I no longer hold the opinion that Cannabis is an outright cure. Rather it is a powerful treatment tool for many symptoms across many ailments, and it can indeed kill cancer cells. However, it is only part of the equation as it comes to fighting and beating cancer – quality lifestyle changes and better health management will go a long way in ensuring the cancer, or any other ailment for that matter do not come back. With that said, cannabis and it’s active compounds are extremely versatile and…

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