Greetings readers,

This is the early release of Chapter 1 of the Cannabis Journal!

Chapter 1 Redefining Cannabis – Early Release

Discover a new way of understanding the cannabis plant and learn about the numerous medical patents filed with the United States Government over the past several decades! Extensive coverage of “US Patent Filing US 6630507 B1 – Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” and “US Patent Filing US 2013/0059018A1 – Phytocannabinoids in the Treatment of Cancer” is provided, and an introduction into what this book is really all about will help to spark your curiosity and interest!

The Cannabis Journal is set to release on October 24th, the Harvest Moon,  and will be available for FREE on this website, as well as Amazon Kindle for the nominal price $4.20, and $50 for a paperback (it’s a full sized 8.5 x 11 book with a lot of pictures!).

There is absolutely no obligation to buy the book, in fact the author hopes that you share your copy for free if you download it from Amazon, or that you redirect your friends to this website!

Please enjoy and keep an eye out for this book’s full release later this week!


Sincerely with best regards to viewers and readers,

-Danny Gagaoin