Greetings readers,

This is the full manuscript to The Cannabis Journal book that is also available on Amazon for Kindle as well as in Paperback.

The Cannabis Journal 1st Edition Manuscript

I have provided this book completely FREE on this website in order to help raise awareness around the amazing cannabis plant. Despite what you may or may not know about “marijuana,” it is a powerful herb with valuable medical properties that could be applied across a multitude of ailments easing suffering around the world. It can indeed kill cancer cells, help to slow Alzheimer’s disease progression, help to fight mood disorders and PTSD, and effectively combat the opiate epidemic! It needs to be read!

If you are a cannabis activist, enthusiast, medical patient, cannabis industry worker, stoner…whoever you are, please realize that this book contains all of the scientific and medical information that will completely change yours or anyone’s perspective on cannabis. It is requested by the author that you share this with as many people as you feel relevant – your parents, your doctors, your teachers, your politicians – understand that the very real medical properties on cannabis can affect and help millions of people across the world!

As the author of The Cannabis Journal, I would like to sincerely thank anyone for reading the material contained in this book, and that I hope that you find it eye opening, enlightening, useful to your needs, and simply enjoyable to read!


Sincere thanks to you the reader,

-Danny Gagaoin