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I am a medical cannabis scientific researcher and cultivator and this blog is my personal journal pertaining to medical cannabis and medical psychedelics.

I have compiled here various material on the subject including but not limited to: how cannabis kills cancer cells, it’s other medicinal uses, some history and facts about weed and it’s subculture, a photo journal of cannabis grows and cannabis events, plus more. Additionally, I will be covering Psychedelics of various kinds and how they too can have a major impact on medicine as more and more peer reviewed research is published.

The purpose of this journal is an educational one, and the aim is to help spread awareness about the often misunderstood cannabis plant, and to help shed light on the medical potential of cannabis and other psychedelics. Indeed the War on Drugs and Prohibition has incorrectly classified much of these natural and helpful substances as being dangerously harmful and having “no medicinal value” when this could be further from the truth! More and more individuals are finding life changing benefit from experimenting with both all while scientists, researchers, and doctors are slowly but surely clarifying and investigating the very real healing potential of medical cannabis, hemp, and other psychedelics such as Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), MDMA (Ecstasy), Ayahuasca, DMT, Ibogaine, and more! Given that there is room for much needed research into these, psychedelics alongside cannabis opens up a new frontier of medical discovery, exploration, and experimentation as these may even prove to be safer and more viable in various settings of treatment and health.

Much of the content is actually not my own. I’ve simply gathered some of the information that is already out there.  There is much more for sure, and I would like to invite anyone to please do their own research as well – something as simple as doing a google search for “cannabis for treating [insert ailment],” “cannabis kills cancer,” or “true facts about cannabis” as well as “psychedelics for anxiety, depression, and addiction,” or, “medicinal psychedelics” will help shed light onto the actual truth of cannabis and psychedelics. I guarantee that you will be surprised.

I have been a medical cannabis patient in the state of California since 2011 and I was given the opportunity to work in one of the most reputable medical cannabis collectives in San Jose as a medical researcher and cannabis plant consultant. Having been blessed with the chance to immerse myself in the cannabis world, something that I never would have thought I would be doing up until the summer of 2013, I would like to share with the world some of my experiences, the knowledge and information that I gain, and of course news and stories that surround the cannabis culture and movement as well as the growing community of individuals exploring and understanding psychedelics.

Additionally, as a cannabis expert and enthusiast, I will be visiting various cannabis collectives, reviewing and discussing marijuana strains that I come across, exploring the many fun ways to consume cannabis, teaching a medical cannabis cultivation class, hitting up meetups and conventions, and essentially diving headfirst into the world of cannabis. By reading this blog you can join me on that journey!

Thanks in advance to anyone that does take the time to read my entries. I hope you find the material here entertaining, enjoyable, educational, and ideally all three. Please share with your friends, family, the open minded, and especially the close minded.

–  D

If you would like to contact me, please email me at
I will respond to your query as soon as I can.

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  1. We would appreciate any help you could render in getting the word out about a study.

    If you’d like to find out more about the pro bono 18 month, symptom/medication monitoring, 10,000 participant study, “Veterans, PTSD, and Medical Cannabis” check out:

    Pre-enrollment is happening now and the upcoming study begins in the VERY near future.

    If you’d like to support Veterans and their use of Medical Cannabis in the study:

    1. I’d be glad to help you advertise this crowdfunded project. I personally am unable donate much money but I’d be glad to help spread the word! I’ll get a widget and a post up regarding your cause!

  2. Enigami Medical Cannabis LLC is donating much needed technology for the project. Essentially what Enigami does is to track conditions, or symptoms, and the medical cannabis product being used. By doing this over time we help patients determine which cannabinoid combination helps for their symptoms. If you would like, we would love to “comp” you services for a year, to help your personal search.

  3. I’ve gone ahead and updated the post on PTSD with a small blurb and links to your cause. I’ve also created a new post at the top of the home page for now with the same information. I’ll also be adding a side menu bar for supporting projects like yours. I hope they all help!

    Feel free to contact me on so we can discuss more you’d like. I’d be interested to hear what you mean by “comp” lol.

    It is nice to meet you, and I’ll be glad to continue our correspondence!

    – D

  4. You have an amazingly extensive blog and I look forward to reviewing it more. So much of this is new to me. I became involved with Kannaway 2 months ago and my research concerning hemp/cannabis and CBD’s in particular has really been enlightening.

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