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2013 LED Deep Water Culture Cannabis Grow. Chernobyl (S/I), Infinite Euphoria (I/S), Atomic Northern Lights (I/S)


2013 LED Deep Water Culture Grow: Chernobyl (S/I), Infinite Euphoria (I/S), Atomic Northern Lights (I/S).

3x Chernobyl: Sativa dominant hybrid strain by TGA genetics. Cross between Trainwreck, Trinity, and Jack the Ripper. Started as clones.
2x Atomic Northern Lights: Indica dominant hybrid strain. Cross between Blueberry and Northern Lights. Started as clones.
1x Infinite Euphoria: Indica dominant hybrid strain. Cross between Euphoria and Infinity. Started as clones.

Photo Journal:

Grow is still ongoing so there are more to come!


Nutrient Line:

  • General Hydroponics Performance Line: Flora Micro, Flora Bloom, Flora Grow, Rapid Start, Liquid Koolbloom, Flora Blend Vegan Plant Booster, Floralicious Plus.
  • Botanicare Liquid Karma.
  • Botanicare Aquashield.
  • Plant Success Great White. (Microbial supplement.)
  • Advanced Nutrients Overdrive.

Grower’s Notes:

  • First time grow. (Clones planted September 21st, 2013)
  • Average PH: 5.8~6.1, Average PPM (Veg): 700~800, Average PPM (Bloom): 1000~1100.
  • Started with 3x Atomic Northern Lights, 3x Infinite Euphoria.
  • Broken air pump and hot temperature resulted in root rot on September 28th 2013 for one of the reservoirs. 2x Infinite Euphoria and 1x Atomic Northern Lights had to be culled. Yes the grower admits to being a dumbass by carelessly planting 2x Infinite Euphorias and 1x Atomic Northern Lights in the same reservoir. Ladies had to be culled. Lesson was learned. Tears were literally shed.
  • 3x Chernobyl clones planted on October 1st, 2013 to replace lost plants.
  • Bloom phase initiated October 21st, 2013. Atomic NL and Infinite Euphoria total 30 days of vegetative phase, Chernobyl totals 20 days of vegetative phase.
  • Plants have turned out really small disappointingly. At week 5 and after a 10 day transition period, plants are only slightly larger than a foot at 14″~16″. Largest plant is the super frosty Atomic NL in the far back of the pictures. Grower attributes this to poor humidity and hot temperatures during vegetative and transition phases. It is also the grower’s first grow.
  • On a brighter note, the plants as you can tell are absolutely fucking beautiful and frosty as fuck.
  • Flowering has been surprisingly smooth. Only problem has been a tendency to go too strong on the nutrients during week 5 and 6. Leaf tips showed signs of nutrient burn.
  • Flush initiated on Dec. 20th, 2013.
  • Leak found on one of the Stealth Hydro reservoirs -.- ; grower notes that he will be using a coco medium for the next grow.
  • Last plants were harvested 01/05/2014. Currently drying.

Hope you enjoy(ed) the journal!

– D

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