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Documentaries, News Clips, and Videos on General Medicinal Psychedelic Research


The following is a compilation of documentaries and news clips that discuss the medical potential of various psychedelics.

Unless otherwise stated, I take no credit for any of the videos listed and have provided links and or credit to the original youtube channel from which they were found. Note that these are listed in no particular order.

Why Psychedelic Drugs are Having a Medical Renaissance (8 1/2 min)
PBS News Hour special on Psychedelics in a medical setting. Here they discuss MDMA (Ecstacy) and Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) for patients and veterans with PTSD.

Posted on the youtube channel PBS NewsHour.

How LSD and Shrooms Could Help Anxiety, Addiction, and Depression (5 min)
Vox news clip covering the medical and therapeutic possibilities with both LSD and Magic Mushrooms.

Posted on youtube by Vox.

Psychedelics Are Medicine (5 1/2 min)
Concise video covering various psychedelics including psilocybin, LSD, Ayahuasca, DMT, Ibogaine, MDMA, the research at Johns Hopkins University, and how these hallucinogenic substances can help treat Addiction disorders, Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.

Posted on youtube by surrealbuddha

Johns Hopkins Psilocybin Project: Psychedelics Research History & the Mystical Experience (51 min)
Great documentary on the research on psychedelics being done at Johns Hopkins University. Discussed are Dr Roland Griffiths research which is supported by the National Institute on Health (NIH), both LSD and Psilocybin, and first hand accounts of psychedelic experiences and trips by those interviewed.

Posted on youtube by Our Amazing World

Dr Martin Williams – Psychedelic Medical Research in Australia: The Long and Winding Road (34 min)
Excellent lecture by Dr Martin Williams who discusses psychedelic medical research at the University of Melbourne. He provides historical context, some of the science behind various psychedelics, and possible therapeutic uses.

Posted on youtube by Entheogenesis Australis

Psychedelic Drugs: The Future of Mental Health (9 min)
Mini-Documentary by ReasonTV that investigates LSD, Psilocybin, MDMA, and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies organization (MAPS).

Posted on youtube by ReasonTV

Rick Doblin, Ph.D.: “Psychedelics…” | Talks at Google (1h 10min)
Discussion on google talks by Rick Doblin, PhD of MAPS. He primarily discusses the MDMA but also covers LSD, mystical experiences, and some history regarding psychedelics in general.

Posted on youtube by Talks at Google

Is MDMA psychiatry’s antibiotic? | Ben Sessa | TEDxUniversityofBristol (20 min)
TED lecture by speaker and psychiatrist Ben Sessa. Here he discusses MDMA for treating mental disorders and psychological trauma.

Posted on youtube by TEDx Talks

Ayahuasca — Visions of Jungle Medicine: Adam Oliver Brown at TEDxUOttawa (18 min)
TED lecture by Dr. Adam Brown where he discusses the medical potential of Ayahuasca. He also discusses his journey with shamans in the jungles of Peru, where was able to undergo the traditional ceremony and experience with the potent psychedelic brew.

Posted on youtube by TEDx Talks.

Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression? | Rosalind Watts | TEDxOxford (13 1/2 min)
TED Lecture by clinical psychologist Rosalind Watts. Here she discusses Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) for treating chronic depression. She discusses a number case studies where mushrooms were very effective at reducing depression in multiple patients.

Posted on youtube by TEDx Talks.

Psychedemia – The Psychedelic Conference Documentary (1h)
Comprehensive 1 hour documentary on psychedelics. Various doctors, researchers, and scientists are interviewed and topics ranging from various psychedelic substances, neuroscience, mystical experiences, all the way to shamanic healing are covered in a scientific light.

Posted on youtube by zaarc

Transforming Medicine: Psychedelic Science 2013 Mini-Documentary (11 min)
Concise documentary by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) covering a medical conference on psychedelics.

Posted on youtube by MAPS.

Sanjay Gupta MD: Psychedelic Medicine Gets a Closer Look (6 1/2 min)
CNN News clip with Dr Sanjay Gupta. Here he discusses the potential of various psychedelics as a medicine.

Posted on youtube by CNN.

Shrooms, LSD, and Legit Uses of Psychedelics in Treatments (6 1/2 min)
Concise educational clip by the Healthcare Triage that compares psychedelics to medical cannabis’ status as a schedule I drug, how they can be used in a medical setting, and potential risks with taking psychedelics.

Posted on youtube by Healthcare Triage.


Note that this is just a short list of research material on psychedelics in a medical capacity. There are far more documentaries, videos, and self testimony success stories that can be found on youtube and various news outlets. There will also be another section dedicated to psychedelic history, compilations of works by McKenna, Leary, Huxley, and much more!


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