Disclaimer: It is important to note that consulting with your doctor/physician should take precedence and come first when deciding upon treating any ailment or disease. Additionally, research into cannabis, while the field is indeed growing, is still limited and the need for clinical trials and experiments is a topic that society needs to collectively address. Proper and effective dosing, for example, is a facet of medical marijuana that has been difficult to establish due to restrictions our governments have in place.The potential for cannabis’ ability to save lives is one that cannot be overlooked, but unfortunately still needs to be intensively studied. 

The following is a collection of news articles, research literature, peer reviewed medical studies, resources, documentaries, interviews, and lecture clippings discussing cannabis as a medicine for treating Diabetes.

Marijuana: The next diabetes drug? – May 23, 2013 article on

The Impact of Marijuana Use on Glucose, Insulin, and Insulin Resistance among US Adults – May 16, 2013 Peer reviewed study published at the American Journal of Medicine.

Even More Science Suggesting That Cannabinoids May Halt Diabetes – Article discussing THCv (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), one the compounds contained in cannabis, as highly beneficial  for metabolic effects on obesity and weight loss.

The cannabinoid delta 9 tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv) ameliorates insulin sensitivity in two mouse models of obesity – Ongoing medical study published at the National Library of Public Medicine.

Cannabis-Derived Drug Shows Promise in Treating Type 2 Diabetes – July 23rd, 2013 article published on

Scholarly Articles and Medical Studies:

How Cannabis Can Help Diabetes Patients (1 min)
Concise slide of just some of the medical benefit that cannabis possesses for diabetes.

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Dr. Raphael Mechoulam pt. 4
Brief interview (part of a 6 part collection) with Dr. Raphael Michoulam who is credited with finding and isolating the THC molecule back in the 1964. Here he discusses a few pharmacological effects of cannabis, diabetes included.

Posted on youtube by Sam Sabzehzar

Study Shows Cannabis May Lower Risk for Diabetes – KATU
News clip. The title is self explanatory.

Posted on youtube by cannabisresearch

Marijuana Treatment for Diabetes!
Medical Marijuana Patient Catrina Coleman gives her testimonial on using cannabis to avoid surgery to treat her diabetes. She also discusses using sativa strains of cannabis for better energy.

Posted on youtube by MarijuanaCommunity

Treating diabetes and obesity by digesting cannabis oil.
Medical Marijuana Patient Peter Germain gives his testimonial on using cannabis oil in order to treat his diabetes. He also briefly discusses the endocannabinoid system and Rick Simpson Oil.

Posted on youtube by peter germain

Smoking Pot Can Actually Make You Thin?
News clip from The Young Turks show. Discussion about a Harvard study that indicates possible beneficial weight loss by using marijuana. Also discussed is the infamous Nixon Shafer report.

Posted on youtube by The Young Turks

How to Make Cannabis and Coconut Oil Capsules for Diabetes (5 min 30 sec)
Easy to follow and concise method for making your own cannabis pills with a coconut base. Simple and effective way to incorporate cannabis into your medical regiment or even daily diet.

Posted on youtube by Witchy Hour.

Cannabis QandA w Dr. Mitch – Cannabis and diabetes, metabolism
Radio talk show by marijuana activist Russ Belville. This recorded interview with Dr. Mitch Earleywine discusses cannabis in relation to diabetes, psoriasis, and a number of other topics. A lot of great information is discussed.

Posted youtube by Russ Belville

It is important to note that even now there a number of ongoing studies exploring cannabis as an alternative treatment for diabetes. Unfortunately, in the United States, only a few out of it’s 50 states have legalized cannabis, and there are still states with patients who need access to medical marijuana. On a Federal level, marijuana remains a schedule I drug, categorizing it as more dangerous than heroin and meth which is a blatant lie. Furthermore, here is a list of the legality of cannabis by country.

However, it is the hope that as further research continues, and as more and more states decriminalize and ultimately legalize cannabis, the widespread ignorance surrounding this panacea plant will cease.

Please share, like, leave a comment, but most importantly discuss cannabis – it’s medicinal properties as well as it’s status and how it is perceived in your state or country; understand that cannabis as a medicine and it’s uses in the form of hemp would be a great boon to the world.

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