Parts of this video were shown in the “Cannabis Rising: The Key in the Lock, Your Health, Your Future” documentary (that’s actually where I first heard of this story).

A very eye opening and shocking set of home video clips that show the effects of cannabis on a person on his deathbed.

Watch the video first then read more.

Digest that for just a few moments, then ask yourself, “how many people in this world die painful, undignified deaths?” and, “how many of our elders and senior citizens suffer needlessly without access to something as simple as a plant that is often vilified by society, and even adamantly prohibited by law throughout the world?”

When are we going to realize how ludicrous this prohibition on a miracle drug is? How can we call society sane when we aren’t collectively looking into the benefits of cannabis as much as we should be?

Watch the video again; several times over. Think about how many people have passed on without even having cannabis as an option. Think about how many people are going to pass on without even considering cannabis as an option.

When the hell is this bullshit of a prohibition and stigma on marijuana gonna end?

R.I.P. Dial Hall. Thank you to those out there that share material like this to the world.

For those of you that are realizing cannabis is in fact a good thing for the world for the first time, please keep doing your research. Google “cannabis cure,” “medicinal benefits of marijuana,” “marijuana miracle drug,” and so on. There is a section called “Research on a Silver Platter” in the header of this site. Read what you can with just a bit of your spare time. Youtube videos on medical marijuana. Please open your eyes, and share what you learn with other people. Society is doing itself a serious disservice by not looking into the benefits of hemp and cannabis.

– D